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Solutions in Silicon

Metal-free, biocompatible silicon quantum dots, silicon-based nanomaterials and semiconductor photolithography resists for a broad range of applications in nanoelectronics, sensing, energy, displays, security and bio-diagnostics.


Electronic Materials

AQM is an ISO 9001 certified world leader in the research, development and synthesis of metal-free, biocompatible silicon quantum dots and semiconductor nanoparticles for a broad range of applications in nanolithography, sensing, energy, security and bio-diagnostics. We specialize in producing superior nanomaterials made using our patented synthesis methods. Our quantum dots demonstrate excellent size distribution, bright emission and purity as a result of years of experience producing nanoparticles. Our production capability includes custom wavelengths, solvent compatibilities and surface chemistry to meet your specific needs.


AQM’s new class of silicon quantum dots (SiQDs) was developed as an alternative safe and abundant class of nanomaterial to address the issues of other quantum dot technologies that contain either toxic or scarce heavy-metals such as cadmium, lead and indium. Legislation limiting the use of heavy metals is becoming increasingly restrictive, in order to protect consumers and the environment. Our SiQDs were made to withstand high temperatures and other challenging environmental or biological conditions.

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Alberta researchers' paper strip can detect explosives

Researchers in Alberta say they’ve developed a cheap and portable way to detect explosive materials using nothing more than a strip of specially coated paper and an ultraviolet light. By Josh Dehaas CTV News


February 24, 2019

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Edmonton Company’s New Technology Turns Windows Into Transparent Solar Panels


A company in Edmonton is working on technology to turn windows into transparent solar panels, with a boost from Alberta carbon tax revenues.



February 6, 2019

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Alberta uses carbon tax revenue to support solar initiative


Imagine if your windows doubled as solar panels. A team at the University of Alberta is closer to making that happen with the help of a government grant. Sarah Kraus reports.



January 25, 2019

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Alberta company harnesses nanotech to create solar-powered windows

Applied Quantum Materials Inc. is developing solar panel technology that can potentially be used in window panels, reducing the need for remote power generation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By Warren Frey
February 13, 2019

University of Alberta Folio.jpg

U of A spinoff that turns windows into solar panels among projects sharing more than $20 million from Alberta Innovates. By Michael Brown


January 22, 2019

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Paper strip that detects explosives could shake up airport security, Edmonton researcher says

Thousands of silicon quantum dots, miniscule semiconductor particles embedded into each strip of paper can detect trace chemicals instantaneously.


February 22, 2019

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