Silsesquioxane Polymers

AQM has developed a convenient and versatile method to synthesize an electronic grade of silsesquioxane-based (comprised of silicon and oxygen core, SiOx) resin. This class of polymer/resin is a very efficient negative photo- and electron-beam resist for nanoelectronic device fabrication. Our SiOx brand polymers have optimum molecular weight to make a homogenous solution in common organic solvents (e.g., toluene and methyl isobutyl ketone) for thin-film fabrication. Depending on the film thickness, a dense pattern with sub-10 nm half-pitch can be achieved.


AQM can also modify the silsesquioxane with different terminal functional groups to incorporate controlled doping. This expertise allows us to achieve custom semiconductor resist formulations. In addition, this material is a primary precursor to produce crystalline, sub-20 nm silicon nanoparticles. Our quality control process, packaging and storage ensures that SiOx has a long shelf-life that maintains its contrast performance over time.

Source: University of Alberta nanoFAB Centre. 

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Our SiOx brand high purity precursor has a long shelf-life and allows for the incorporation of dopants to achieve custom semiconductor resist formulations.

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