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Hydrogen Silsesquioxane Resist

AQM has developed a convenient and versatile method to synthesize an electronic grade of silsesquioxane-based (comprised of silicon and oxygen core, H-SiOx) resin. This class of polymer/resin is a very efficient negative photo- and electron-beam resist for nanolithography device fabrication. Our H-SiOx brand polymers have optimum molecular weight to make a homogenous solution in common organic solvents (e.g., toluene, n-butyl acetate and methyl isobutyl ketone) for thin-film fabrication. Depending on the film thickness, a dense pattern with sub-10 nm half-pitch can be achieved. Our quality control process, packaging, and storage ensures that H-SiOx has a long shelf-life that maintains its contrast performance over time.


Contact us for purchasing options including customized resist formulations, developers or modifying the silsesquioxane with different terminal functional groups to incorporate controlled doping. 

ANT Zone Plate.png
H-SiOx Product Sheet

Our H-SiOx brand high purity resist has a long shelf-life and allows for the incorporation of dopants to achieve custom semiconductor resist formulations.

Fresnel Zone Plate made by H-SiOx, courtesy of Applied NanoTools Inc.

Elionix Picture1.png

Images courtesy of Elionix Inc., an electron, ion and x-ray beam equipment manufacturer.  H-SiOx resist was used with the ELS-BODEN lithography system to pattern dot arrays and lines as small as 7 nm.

Elionix Picture3.png

H-SiOx is a versatile resist capable of a wide range of features from <7 nm for NEMS to as large as 2.2 µm for MEMS.

Relevant Literature

"E-beam lithography using dry powder resist of hydrogen silsesquioxane having long shelf life", Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 37, 021601 (2019);

HSQ Developers

The wet etching of HSQ uses aqueous solutions of hydroxide containing salts, such as tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). AQM now provides custom HSQ developers for your nanolithography needs. 

H-SiOx Distributors

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17295 Boot Jack Rd, Suite A,

PO Box 267 Ridgway, Pennsylvania


United States

Tel: 1 (814) 772-6603

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Room 118, Building 1No. 12 Jiancaichengzhong Road, XisanqiHaidian District, Beijing, 100096


Tel: +86-10-2867920/21/22

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Alderley Park
SK10 4TG
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1625 704465

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MY Building 2 & 3F, 1-2-14

Akabane-nishi, Kita-ku
Tokyo 115-0055

Tel: +03-5963-6377

493-3 Seongseong-dong, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do,

South Korea

Tel: +82 41-900-7500

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