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MagDx Nucleic Extraction Kits

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Highly efficient magnetic silicon beads; ideal for the isolation of RNA from viral samples in VTM and concomitant isolation of human genomic DNA.

The MagDx™ nucleic acid extraction kits are designed to efficiently extract high-quality DNA and RNA from viral transport media (VTM) and cell suspensions. These kits can be used to purify both viral nucleic acids and low volume human genomic samples which are then suitable for a variety of downstream diagnostic applications such as real-time PCR. These kits are compatible with alcohol-based automated extraction systems (please inquire), as well as available in a 96 well manual extraction format.

MagDx™ viral nucleic acid extraction kits come with all reagents required for isolation of viral RNA or DNA genomes, including from SARS-CoV-2.

Sample type: Kits can test up to 200 µL of viral sample in VTM.

Automation: Kits can be used with both manual and automated methodologies.

Elution volume: 50 - 100 µL

Time: Extraction protocols range but typically take <1 hour for 96 samples depending on methodologies used.

Adaptability: Our kits can be customized to fit your needs.

Contact us to learn more.

Kit Features:

Several kits that are compatible with existing automated extraction equipment are available. A manual 96-well format kit is available which can easily be automated using any robotic platforms (requires only a 96 well magnetic plate and pipetting – no centrifuging, heating or shaking required). 

MagDx™ beads are mesoporous magnetic silica beads, which are highly efficient in binding all nucleic acids.

MagDx Amplification Plot2.png

Substitution of MagDx™ beads on an automated extraction system as evidenced by RT-qPCR of the RdRP SARS-CoV-2 gene.

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Bead Type              COVID E-gene       RdRP gene     MS2 control     

Commercial bead         30.07               30.42           23.87

MagDx™                    29.53               29.82           23.36

Manual exaction using MagDx™ extraction buffers and either commercial or MagDx™ beads demonstrates similar or improved Cꚍ values for SARS-CoV-2 gene targets & internal MS2 bacteriophage control.

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